Marketing & Editorial Services

Denmark - Sweden - Norway - Iceland - Russia

Tap into the huge Nordic market!

AquaScope provides a range of marketing and editorial services. From building corporate identity and collateral to branding and positioning of new products or businesses, we work closely with clients to find and develop the marketing tools and identity that sets your business apart from the competition.

Reaching Scandinavia & the Nordic region. With an international network of Scandinavian publications such as Dykking (Norway), Sportsdykkeren (Denmark), and X-RAY MAG in (Denmark) as well as international correspondents in Iceland and Russia, we have access to a huge diving community of thousands of well traveled and discriminating divers.

Editorial Services. Our editors, correspondents and photojournalists are world class. We write and edit articles for international magazines and shoot underwater, documentary and commerical photography on commission on subjects that range from dive travel, ecology, marine biology, oceans, reefs, eco-tourism, wrecks, dive equipment, news and education to international business, economy, politics, education, arts and culture, health, education, travel and lifestyle. Stock photography and article archives are available for publication through purchase or trade.

Translations. We provide translation services to make your marketing message, news stories or feature articles reach your target audience in any Nordic country more effectively.

Graphic Design. From corporate identity and collateral to positioning and branding to print media and web sites, we cover all the bases in all your marketing and advertizing needs. Throughan intense process of client interview and market research, we develop and design your logo, brochures, letterhead, web sites, newsletters, posters, mailers, print ad and banner ads to effectively communicate with your target audience.

Newsletters. Take advantage of direct mail campaigns through our monthly electronic newsletters that are distributed to a membership of thousands of divers and dive industry leaders through out the Nordic region and beyond.

Agent for Other Magazines. We represent a number of magazines at the international DEMA show each year. Our affiliates include Dykking of Norway, Sportsdykkeren of Denmark and the multinational dive magazine, X-RAY MAG of Denmark, Russia, Poland, USA, Spain, the Netherlands and South Africa.